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Basketball Meets Social Media

This is a pretty incredible change of pace when it comes to live updates and player commentary on a world-class sporting association like the NBA. It’s unlikely anyone saw the risks of players owning personal (and in some cases, Twitter-verified) Twitter accounts and using them during games.

Now around the world, from basketball in the States to football (or soccer as it’s also known in the USA) in the UK, players are beginning to make mistakes. Flirting, admitting to activities that would see them dismissed, or in the case of Shaquille O’Neal, criticising the judgement of referees during half-time breaks.

It’s certainly a problem that needs to be addressed by those who monitor the activities of players, as many of them fail to realise just how quickly a malicious or marriage-endangering tweet can steer their careers in the wrong direction. Perhaps a short course in social media PR for the stars of the NBA?

Of course, it’s also important to ensure that the players remain in the public eye – well-known players on the court are one of the main reasons people come to see them perform, in addition to team loyalty. Whether you’re a basketball star or a pro at, self-promotion is a valuable tool, and misuing it may cost you any followers or fans you’ve gained along the way.

Hopefully the NBA will assist players in the regulation of what is considered acceptable online public conduct. It’s certainly a new arena and requires a lot of legislation to be put in place to ensure this does not happen repeatedly. It looks like players are going to have to watch their mouths near keyboards and smartphones, and no longer just the dictaphones of eager journalists.

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