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I hope you are not in my leagues, as I give you my Fantasy Basketball Strategy

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When looking to draft you have to have a strategy. Without a strategy, you are like a ship adrift – rudderless and without purpose. Here I give you my strategy, guys I like, guys I don’t like and guys whom I’m unclear what to do with and other surprises…

Looks like guards are pretty deep this year. When late in the draft, you can still get a Jeff Teague, Brandon Knight and/or George Hill that is pretty good. I like to go 4 legit PGs deep and this year, that will be easy to do.

For 2012, I’m looking to get one of the top 3 SF (LBJ, Durant or J. Smith) in the first round. There is a serious bereft of SFs outside of the first three and these three offer solid 8 cat production (sans JSmoove’s FT%) with some upside (all are in positions to grow with their teams and/or their productivity via age).

Then, because of the lack of quality bigs, I’m looking to get a center who can shoot FG and FT; for example, Pau, Horford and/or

Like (good value/undervalued):

Paul George – 2nd year with the keys of the squad. Decline years for Granger contribute to his numbers. Hits on all cats. See Batum, Nic.

Ersan Ilyasova – He will find his way onto many of my teams this year. Sweet stroke and a little toughness that I like.

Isiah Thomas – Newly named the starting PG… I like his shooting numbers for a PG along with his style of play. With Evans being moved to the wing, he is giving some nice value in the mid-rounds.

Nikola Pekovic – Dude is strong. Really strong. And his game is developing. He is going to get better.

Dwayne Wade – (I’m leaning toward taking his 70 games of plus, plus production). It may look more like 65 games when he takes some games off at the end of the year…

Jrue Holiday – Team is his. He is only 22 and has gotten better each year.

Andy Varejao – Love his production. Solid guy.

Omer Asik – May be the best defensive center outside of Howard. Really. He can play and is going undrafted in most counts.

Don’t like (overvalued):

Andrew Bynum – Really? A first round pick? No. The world seems to be in a wait and see mode with him, and so am I. He has not stayed healthy all year. He is weird. He is immature. He is reportedly fat. This does not seem to be a good way to ingratiate himself to a tough Philly crowd… AND he is the face of the franchise and is in a new system and is immature…. ugh.

Nic Batum – Am I wrong, or does this guy not have a starting position yet? Even when he was starting his numbers weren’t that good. He seems to be going for around the same amount of George, but I like George more. See George, Paul.

Dirk – Knee injury problems have me concerned. Plus, he has little to come back to – his team sucks.

Al Jefferson – Over. Rated. I guess in C-heavy Yahoo! leagues it may make sense to draft him early, but I don’t like his track history of underperforming and his inability to hit ft.

DeMarcus Cousins – Headcase. Doesn’t hit FT%. I’ll take my chances getting his numbers elsewhere.

Nene – See Dirk.

Serge Ibaka – Blocks are really, really nice. I had him a lot last year, but needs to develop the other aspects of his game for a third round pick. I’ll take Javalle McGee 5 rounds later…

Demarr DeRozan – What does he do, exactly?

Danny Granger – Hurt. Unmotivated. Team is going through a youth movement.

Marcus Thornton – 3s and points. That’s it. I can get it from Jason Terry or Ray Allen way later.

Hate gone too far (guys to look at who have probably dropped in your draft for some reason or another):

Brook Lopez – so he doesn’t rebound well for a big. With C eligibility and 20 pnts, 50 fg%, and 80 fg% he contributes nicely in other areas. I’ve seen him drop in many, many drafts… I’m grabbing him. Going a couple of rounds too late.

Dwight Howard – Put me in the group that is less concerned about his back problem than most. I’ll take the risk here. He’ll provide 1st round production while being drafted in the 3rd.

Andrew Bogut - May be a little hurt, but 75 games at his level of production in that GS lineup and I’ll take it in the 10th round… if only he hit his ft%.

Brandon Roy – I love his game. He is solid. Going undrafted. I’ll take a flyer.

Amare – I hate to say it, but I’ll take him in the 6th round, which is where he is going in most drafts.

Monta Ellis – 20 5 5 with steals and decent shooting? I like it in the 4th – 6th rounds.

Guys who I previously didn’t look to have on my team because I didn’t like their style or personalities or smell, but whom I’m giving a second look to this year:

Ben Gordon – going undrafted, mostly. I’ll take a waiver flyer if I need some points or three or ft% at the end of draft.

Guys who are going to have a really good year:

Kyrie Irving
Ty Lawson
Klay Thompson

I dunno yet. Because of injuries or depth chart concerns, I’m not sure where to place them, or what to think about them:

Steph Curry – What, 55 games?
John Wall – 55 games?
Ricky Rubio – 45 games?

Rookies I like and who in their system might be worth a look (I don’t normally draft rookies, but, keep an eye on these guys):

Jared Sullinger – Kid can play. Won’t get time behind Bass and Garnett for a bit, but he moves well, can rebound and finish around the glass.

Royce White – Outside of his anxiety disorder, he can really play. Houston may give him a chance.

Anthony Davis – 10 points, 55% FG, 70% FT and 2 blocks. Not bad, but a little highly drafted right now as I see it.

Damian Lillard – Not sure what is going on in POR. Going to have to watch more of their games.

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